Hands-Free Flexible Reading Lamp

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Note: Upgraded version comes with a built in battery, better build quality and brighter LED lights. The standard version requires 3xAAA batteries. 

We know there’s nothing worse than trying to position yourself carefully in the light of a dim lamp when you’re trying to read, especially in bed. 

All that wriggling and sitting in uncomfortable positions can be avoided with the Hug Light. This flexible reading lamp just drapes around your neck like a hug, providing light from either side and lighting up just your page and nothing else. 

Drape around your neck or bend into any shape. Plus the LED lights operate independently so you can light one, or both. 

Choose from four colours, blue, red, black, or pink.

Length: Approx 55cm
Weight: 43g 

This item is a huge demand item and shipping can take up to three weeks.